Scenemaster 8000 Dimming System

Scenemaster 8000 range
Leax Controls is an international leader in the design and manufacture of dimming control systems. The reason for this success is flexibility. Whether the requirement is for a restaurant, board room or gallery, lecture theatre, hotel or bar, Leax has the answer and is able to produce an exact match to any specification.

The SceneMaster 8000 dimming system is easy to install and simple to program. The range offers unlimited circuits of scene controlled dimming. Programming may be performed at the switch plates, with a plug-in programmer or by using specially developed Windows based software.

System Features

* Each rack can be supplied in large or small denominations depending on the available size of the riser or ceiling void.
* Any combination of load type in a single pre-wired rack. For example, dimmed tungsten, 1-10V fluorescent, DSI fluorescent and switched circuits all in the same panel.
* Pre-configured at the factory to the customer's load schedule. This allows the rack to be connected and ready to use immediately, eliminating on-site configuration.
* MCB protection per circuit.
* Programming and scene setting is performed manually from the control plate itself so that expensive engineer visits are avoided.
* Mains isolator per rack.
* When 3 phase power is used, each circuit can be wired to any phase, enabling the load schedule to be balanced.
* Flexible partitioning for multi-room control.
* Curtain and blind control.
* LonWorks® compliant allowing full interoperability with LonMark products.
* Audio-visual interfacing via DMX, RS232 or Volt-free.
* Emergency lighting control as standard.
* Suitable for marine applications.
* Wide range of control plates in all finishes.
* Infrared and radio remote controls.

Lighting Controls

* The SceneMaster 8000 range can be integrated with lighting controls and Building Management Systems (BMS).
* Compatible with all lighting control systems.
* Corridor forward hold facility.
* Direct compatibility with Leax's ControlMaster 7000 lighting controls system.
* Integration of daylight linking and scene control.





        Lighting Controller  


* The ControlMaster software provides the ultimate in control, configuration and programming.
* Scene and circuit control. Integration of daylight linking and simulation with scene control.
* Full system monitoring. Control of moving lights.
* Integration of non-lighting LonWorks compliant products, such as heating and ventilation.



    Scenemaster 8000 dimmer rack cross section