Swiss Re lighting installation
The LEAX SceneMaster 8000 System has been installed in two main areas within the building:

• Meeting rooms and lecture theatres - on levels 5, 8, 10, 11 and 12 as well as the reception on level 11.
• Top of Building - level 38 Corridor and 5 private dining rooms, level 39 reception and restaurant, level 40 mezzanine level (top floor).

All product was supplied to Hilson Moran’s LonworksTM specification and Speirs and Major’s lighting design.

Meeting rooms and lecture theatres

All meeting rooms interfaced to Crestron via RS232. In addition using LonworksTM the SceneMaster8000 System is interfaced with the Delmatic Lighting System to allow control from the building’s "Front End". Hilson Moran specified the concept of a LonworksTM interface and detailed that each room should be controllable from the Delmatic System Front End. Our expert team at Leax with many years of LonworksTM experience designed and produced an interface for complete integration.The Scheme utilized an "off the shelf" LonworksTM gateway device manufactured by Loytec that allowed Delmatic to seamlessly control all the Leax SceneMaster8000 meeting rooms via the typical LonworksTM Network Variable approach.
This was the ideal integration scenario as there was no need to develop specific hardware for the integration or develop bespoke software. This approach transformed Hilson Moran’s vision into reality.

Top of Building

Swiss Re - Architectural Lighting InstallationLevel 38 consists of five private dining rooms each with individual control for each room. Leax integrated their Scene Control Plates onto the same face-plate as the Jonson Controls temperature controller and LCD temperature display for the room. Foster and Partners proposed this as a far more elegant solution and better use of the wall space. At Leax we manufacture our own scene controllers and have the technical skill and manufacturing capability. We can also produce the bespoke single plate solution.

Each of the five private dining rooms also utilise daylight control resulting in automatic scene selection during the daytime and a low level scene with the daylight control disabled for the evenings. Each of the rooms also uses the Leax Blind Control mechanism integrated (on the same wall plate) with the lighting and temperature control. Master Control of level 38 corridors and the five private dining rooms is available via a Leax LCD Control plate.
Presence detection is used in all areas of the Top of Building, level 38 private dining rooms, corridors, level 39 reception. These presence detectors operate when the system is out of normal operating hours, enabling staff to service the building efficiently without lights burning unnecessarily, meeting increasing energy saving requirements.

Level 39 is the restaurant area and this is the location of the Leax Colour Touch Screen, Lighting Management Controller. From this position the staff can control any Leax SceneMaster8000 area within the Top of Building via a simple to use hierarchical interface. Each of the areas has been defined on a global, floor and room basis with the final interface similar to a control scene plate with naming of the scenes where applicable. This allows staff the simple but extremely powerful control of this multifunctional space only possible from the Leax Touch Screen.

In addition to the control methods already mentioned, the system can be time controlled via a programmable Astronomical Time Clock.

Speirs and Major supervised the scene setting of the Top of Building with the expert assistance and implementation from Leax. The System was configured with a wide range of scenes to give the maximum flexibility for the Top of Building staff to meet the requirements of the various functions held within the space.

The Leax/Delmatic Interface was implemented on the Top of Building package based upon the scheme used for levels 10, 11 and 12.

Skanksa Rashleigh Weatherfoil and Leax worked closely together to ensure a smooth installation and commissioning process. Leax provided SRW with a simple Emergency Light Static Inverter Changeover arrangement within the Leax Dimmer Panels. This further highlights the technical capability of Leax to provide practical solutions and displays a continuing commitment to support companies that install, specify and use Leax Lighting Control Systems.