Riverbank Park Plaza - Hotel lighting by Leax Controls
LEAX supplied nine 12 channel racks to the ballroom which is divided into  two areas.There was a combination of low voltage fittings, track and three colour Red Green Blue cold cathode in the ceiling troughs all controlled by two eight scene plates.

In addition the Leax touch screen provided a choice of any colour to any or all of the 16 ceiling troughs.The two rooms can be used separately or together with relevant lighting scenes for both options.

On the floor below there are ten meeting rooms all of which are partitioned. Here Leax supplied a total of 108 channels split between the ten rooms and the foyer area. Again there was a varied use of different light fittings and over 240 scene control options for the myriad of different room combinations. 

The ground floor reception area, restaurants and bars and the first floor were also controlled by Leax. 150 circuits in total were split between the two floors with local eight scene plates used to program and recall the desired settings.

Timed functions are also being used allowing staff to concentrate on the sales of food and beverage rather than the ambience.

Riverbank Park Plaza - hotel lobbyRiverbank Park Plaza - ball roomRiverbank Park Plaza - ball room lighting effects