Revolution Bar lit by Leax Lighting Controls

LEAX have now supplied all vodka bars with a dimming system that controls tungsten, fluorescent, neon, fibre optic, cold cathode, LED’s and metal halide lighting.

There are a total of 24 lighting circuits controlled by the Leax liquid crystal display plate offering up to 255 scenes of which 10 are used every day.

Through the astronomical time clock integral to the plate the system is fully automated with manual override when needed. The clock in conjunction with the DMX interface drives the colour change at various speeds during the day and night.

A volt free contact instigates full on when the fire alarm is triggered.

Of particular interest is the PC anywhere software which allows their director to access the lighting from quite literally anywhere in order to monitor or re-programme the system at any time.

Bar lighting solutions by Leax Lighting ControlsThe Revolution Bar, Sheffield