The Great Court - British Musem
LEAX supplied a dimming system that controlled the Great Court. The system tracked daylight and dimmed down to a minimum during bright sunny days through the interaction of a photocell.

The Leax astronomical time clock ensured an extremely cost affective energy saving solution. At the same time the sales areas and kiosks remained bright and inviting.

The system was made up of eight 12 channel racks, several local eight scene control plates and the 255 scene liquid crystal display plate with full time control and scene and circuit naming facility. 76 circuits of dimming and switched lighting were also supplied to the Reading Room and the two auditoriums with scene and timed controlled functionality.

A further 68 circuits were supplied to control the private dining area and conference rooms.These also had timed functionality with eight programmable scenes.

Lighting the Great Court - British MuseumLEAX Lighting Controls in the Great CourtGreat Court - British Museum